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World Congress on Medical Law


From the four corners of the earth we will make our bi-annual pilgrimage to Croatia, to the beautiful city of Zagreb, impelled by our reverence for, and devotion to the services of Medical Law, Health Law, Biolexology, Ethics and Bioethics. We hail from scores of countries; our cultures vary, we worship different Gods, our medical law rules are far from uniform; our medical ethics norms are separately distinctive; but as supporters and developers of medical law, we are all of one mind. We realze and are convinced that the rule of law, in general and inclusive of medical law, is an essential component of social harmony, when ever people leave side by side.

Moreover, bioethics, in general and inclusive of medical ethics, supplies the very foundation stone on which every individual's behavior within his or her society must be firmly cemented. Our biennial congresses present members of the medical, legal and ethic professions with golden opportunities to strengthen the ideas which we share in common, to evaluate contradictory points of view and to exercise toleration, open-mindedness and scholastic acumen.

Our stay in Zagreb will afford us an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas, to strengthen ties with our younger members and to re-unite with our life-long friends. It is my fervent hope that this, our Eighteenth Congress will inspire us with the will and determination to devot even more time and labor to the propagation of medical lawin the many of the world's environments to which we shall be returning.

It gives me great pleasure to express our appreciation and thanks to our Croatian colleagues for the excellent preparation of this meeting. There can be no doubt that the beauty of Zagreb and the generous hospitality of our hosts will inspire us with the will to achieve the objectives which have brought us from afar to what I blieve will be a highly productive happening.

Prof. Amnon Carmi
World Association for Medical Law

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